Quality Assurance

The concept of QA services tuned to suit business needs

QA strategies to guard applications’ quality

The move to a distributed cloud architecture with frequent updates for both ERP and CRM solutions creates new challenges for ISV’s and users alike. Global Mediator offers a full range of Quality Assurance services that can reduce the risk and the cost of maintaining critical business systems in this world of rapid change. We leverage the best practices for testing – both manual and automated – to predict the risks, eliminate bugs, and accelerate the application launch cycle. Our professionals develop the QA concepts and strategies that fit the customer's tailored needs and create clear QA road maps to enhance the application’s quality and efficiency.

Global Mediator’s practices

Global Mediator’s field of expertise addresses, among others, the challenges of improving time to market and the ability to maintain solutions over time. We manage the QA concepts that evolve into test plans and code validation, test cases, and documentation. The continuous managed services by Global Mediator embrace the following types of testing (manual and automated)

Functional testing

Front-end and Back-end testing are performed using the functional specification. Functional testing verifies the system against the functional requirements and includes (but is not limited to) Sanity Testing, Integration Testing, UI Testing, API Testing, User Acceptance testing, Regression Testing, and Production Testing.

Functional testing is executed first.

Non-functional testing

Checks the Performance Testing, Load Testing, Security Testing, Installation Testing, Penetration Testing, Compatibility Testing, Migration Testing, and other non-functional aspects of a software system.

Non-functional testing should be performed after functional testing.

Automation testing

Test Codeunits, Playwright

QA agenda from our team of professionals

The QA experts analyze all the phases of the SDLC to get a clear vision of the entire process, accurately estimate the testing scope, and offer the best testing techniques that suit the specific solution. We practice an individual approach to each customer and ensure that our QA agenda aligns the highest testing standards (ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119) with the behavior-driven development canons. As a rule, the QA services by Global Mediator include (but are not limited to)

Developing and optimizing the testing strategy

Keeping a reasonable balance between manual and automated testing

Scrutinizing technical/business requirements

Testing of the existing and new solutions

Iterative model of SDLC, continuous improvement approach

Pushing quality assurance upstream by developing a QA strategy for future automation

Strict control over the deliverables – all the processes are documented and tracked with test management tools (Zephyr Scale, Jira, Confluence)

How we help customers

Automate processes to improve the application quality by fixing flaws at the early development stages, which accelerates the speed to market for the new product/functionality

Maximize the application quality and reduce regression execution time due to QA-as-a-Service - automated regression testing (as needed, including daily regression testing)

Discover and fix weak spots of the application, boost performance, and reduce costs

Maintain a helicopter view of the solution - QA specialists analyze the (probable) impact of the newly integrated functionality, predict and/or eliminate risks to minimize business disruptions

Support solution development by providing a flexible, multi-skilled team of QA professionals

Enhancing portal UI for a global shipbroker company using ASP.NET Core

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