Stairway to Cloud

Efficient steps to migrate your ERP to the cloud

Migrate to the BC cloud successfully

Moving to the cloud brings multiple benefits, and not using local servers and managing data backups easily are only a few. The question is: how do you get to the cloud securely, efficiently, and with as little effort as possible while maintaining the overview along the way?

Let us partner to take you to your cloud ERP with Stairway to Cloud. A comprehensive cloud migration suite, Stairway to Cloud will move your NAV or BC on-prem to the cloud Business Central, step by step, with precision and expertise. Since 2018, we have conducted multiple migrations to the Business Central cloud in close cooperation with our customers. We made cloud migration services one of our priorities – with a well-structured and transparent project management flow.

Your main benefits with Stairway to Cloud:

◾ work with migration experts

◾ efficient resource allocation

◾ full project overview

◾ time-saving and avoiding disruptions

◾ easy adoption of new technologies

◾ strong IT security measures

◾ AL-Go setup for full development control

◾ test automation for solution maintenance

Stairway to Cloud - How it works

With Stairway to Cloud, you can rest assured that an old NAV or on-prem Business Central will move to the cloud via a well-proven migration process.

Take the first step on the Stairway:

Discovery X-ray Analysis

Cloud migration projects tend to be more successful when there is a common understanding of what the starting point is. Hence, Step 1 in the Stairway to Cloud process is the Discovery X-ray package. This automated analysis gives a clear understanding of an ERP system's readiness for cloud migration. Essentially, it helps gain clarity about the condition of a current solution before taking the initial step towards cloud migration.

Cloud migration runs smoothly if it is predictable and well-planned.

Get our new whitepaper "5 pitfalls to avoid when migrating NAV solution to BC cloud" to be aware of the possible scenarios and learn how to prevent them. It is based on our hands-on experience with cloud migrations and outlines the ways Global Mediator can address each of these 5 critical obstacles with specific approaches and packages we offer.

About Global Mediator and what to expect from us

We engineer software solutions to improve business workflow and efficiency. Our in-depth experience in the Microsoft technology stack enables us to provide optimized, tested, and documented solutions cost-effectively.

We optimize and digitize business processes for companies in 16 countries, primarily in Europe. Our organization itself is also one of the largest near-shore development centers in Europe, adhering to European culture and project models, and applying the highest ISO standards.

What to expect from working with us:

◾ Agile project management.

◾ Transparent project planning of timing, resources, and costs.

◾ A safe, predictable process without downtimes.

◾ Relevant customizations from your old versions can be kept.

◾ Smooth integration of surrounding technologies.