Bringing DevOps for Business Central to a whole new level

Why AL-Go package?

The AL-Go package by Global Mediator is a powerful teamplay of our expertise in using AL-Go – DevOps tooling from Microsoft and vast experience in Business Central.

With AL-Go under the hood, our tech team automates DevOps tasks more efficiently and times faster with rapid reactions to any changes in the requirements on the customer’s side.

At the core of AL-Go

At its core, AL-Go is an open-source framework with outstanding functional flexibility that easily adapts to specific customer needs. It is a powerful set of actions and templates that enrich and automate many of the CI/CD steps, like installation control and maintaining your applications in AppSource.

With AL-Go, we keep the repositories (whether for PTEs or for AppSource applications) with customers’ solutions updated. In a nutshell, this is the way we speed up the development process many times by running specific workflows (automatic, manual, or scheduled execution) and script changes that handle new features and functions in BC. What is more, you easily keep your stable DevOps setup based on the actions that your repository has been using all the time.

What is the AL-Go package about?

✔️ Simplified CI/CD for Business Central projects with reduced time for deployment: customers can see the changes they ask for within hours.

✔️ Simplified version control process: automatically publishing new versions of your product on AppSource.

✔️ Available for Business Central PTEs or AppSource apps on GitHub.

✔️ Better issue tracking and collaboration within teams.

✔️ Enhanced deployment (automated releases to test environments and gated deployment to production environments).

✔️ Enhanced scalability: deploying to 100 environments is as fast as deploying to one.

✔️ Easily checking for compatibility with future versions of BC: getting ready for major and minor updates from MS.

✔️ Outstanding testing capabilities: running Test Codeunits for the BC apps and extensions via AL-Go virtual machines; scheduled run of Test Codeunits at any time of CI/CD.

Anastasiia Sakhnenko

Product Owner at Global Mediator

Let's discuss your expectations and preferences in a 1:1 meeting. We will cover all your specific needs and come up with the best way to enhance your infrastructure. A live discussion is a great option if you do not exactly know what is the right choice to optimize your IT infrastructure – be it diversified solutions, a stack of technologies, or third-party services.

At GM, AL-Go is available both as a stand-alone package or as part of our Stairway to Cloud offering, which combines different packages for the purpose of accelerating the move from older versions of NAV/BC to the latest BC cloud version.

By default, we leverage AL-Go for BC development projects on GitHub, but there are alternative ways of implementation. The solution could be used along with other hosting services, if necessary.

As a stand-alone package, AL-Go can be implemented in 3 ways. Please consider the following options to find the perfect match for your case and the tech stack you exploit.

Advantages of the package

Proven technologies under the hood boosted by the best practices of software development.

Experienced team by your side ready to implement any ideas.

Flexible approach to each specific customer case.

Security of confidential information.

Pricing that is transparent and easy to understand.

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