Discovery X-ray Package

An in-depth analysis to start your migration to the cloud

First step to a successful Business Central cloud migration

Cloud migration projects tend to be more successful when there is a common understanding of what the starting point is.

Not all organizations possess a comprehensive overview of the changes they have made to their ERP system over time.

Personnel or supplier changes over the years can lead to a loss of organizational solution memory. This means that a detailed understanding of what exactly you wish to migrate from your old ERP is not clear and this can make it harder to get started on a needed cloud migration project.

We start projects with the Discovery X-ray package to improve transparency, accelerate speed, and reduce the risk of improper resource planning along the way.

The clear automated analysis gives us the first step in a cloud migration journey.

Why analyze your ERP with Discovery X-ray before cloud migration?

The package is an automated assessment of a business's ERP code before the transition to the cloud.

Discovery X-ray helps businesses gain clarity about the condition of their current solution before taking the initial step towards cloud migration.

How does it work?

The analytical overview package helps estimate the compatibility between the customer’s current ERP system and the newer version for completely predictable cloud migration.

✔️ Customers receive a swift analysis of their old ERP system’s code with an internal automated tool, revealing system modifications (the objects that differ from a clean version of the same source ERP.)

✔️ The results of the tool can be used early in the discovery phase of migrating to the cloud to gain an understanding of changes made in the system and to plan the next steps in the migration process like workshops and fit gap analysis. After scoping, it can also be used to gain a detailed understanding of the cost of the migration.

✔️ For a transparent and carefully calculated migration, we categorize these modifications as easy, medium, or hard depending on their complexity. These will later be used to estimate the transfer to the more recent version of Business Central. For user convenience, we analyze the modifications as per Business Central functional areas: Finance, Sales, Purchases, etc.

✔️ Customers can interpret the results (the list of modifications) instantly as they are compiled in an Excel delta file with interactive filtering.

✔️ Upon analyzing the findings, we can build a plan for the future cloud migration project.

Receive a sample Discovery X-ray report

to see

✔️analysis of modifications as per BC functional areas
✔️classification of modifications depending on their complexity
✔️how it can later be used for planning a surprise-free migration

The Discovery X-ray package step-by-step

Advantages of the package

Full understanding of the ERP system's readiness for cloud migration.

Clear vision of the scope and complexity of the future cloud migration.

Optimized costs and minimized risks with precise classification of system modifications.

Ensure compatibility with the cloud environment to enhance operational efficiency and agility.

What do you get with the package?

✔️ Risk-free analysis

Global Mediator’s internal tool used for analysis does not have access to customer data. We use objects with code that are completely risk-free to submit for review.

✔️ Comprehensive assessment

Customers receive a holistic understanding of the business processes by assessing all functional areas within Business Central for improved decision-making.

✔️ Ensuring compatibility with the cloud

Our conversion tool helps identify potential errors, which ensures compatibility with cloud environments. Creating a delta file to highlight modifications saves time and effort when identifying and addressing necessary changes for migration.

✔️ Time efficiency

The 2-day* turnaround time. A swift analysis enables timely decisions regarding cloud migration.

✔️ Better planning

The classification of modifications into categories ensures clarity and transparency to prioritize tasks and allocate resources efficiently. This will be defined in a planning meeting where the results of the analysis are presented.

* 2-day duration may vary depending on the number of modified objects that shape the complexity of the project

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