Digitalization Package based on Power Platform

Untangle your HR, Sales, and Financial management processes with low-code

Why Digitalization Package?

The Digitalization Package is a transformative solution to eliminate slow business processes and recharge them with automation. It is a holistic way to automate, convert, and visualize the scope of data to make it more actionable, and quickly make custom applications considering business function-specific problems.

The package is a true assistant for small and medium-sized businesses trying to seamlessly turn monotonous corporate workflows into quick paperless processes and optimize complex business flows.

Mix and match using the available modules – either one or all – of Global Mediator’s Digitalization Package to address the burning pains and unlock new levels of productivity for your business. Alternatively, modules can be tailored for specific needs.

At the inside of the package

The core of our package is powered by key components of Power Platform and the extensive development experience of our software engineers.

We have combined the most required functionality of HR, Sales, and Finance modules, and tested quick and cost-effective solutions to these problems with our Power Platform expertise. Harnessed all together or one at a time, the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform cover the challenges of functional business areas regardless of the sphere of your business.

In a nutshell, we

Deliver custom apps quite fast with Power Apps and no extensive coding.

✔️ RESULT: specific business needs are quickly covered in full.

Reduce manual intervention and boost business efficiency in general with Power Automate.

✔️ RESULT: processes appening faster, with human error eliminated.

Turn raw business data into actionable insights with Power BI.

✔️ RESULT: understanding of business weaknesses and strengths and responding in advance to possible changes based on fact results.

Create personalized customer interaction with Power Virtual Agents.

✔️ RESULT: communication based on individual user interests.

What is the package about?

The Digitalization Package offers flexible, customer-oriented modules that address specific business needs with tailor-made, low-code development.

The number of apps within a module, their logic, flows, behavior, and names depend on customer requirements and preferences. Now, within the Digitalization Package, Global Mediator provides solutions for HR (Global Galaxy), Sales Management, and Financial Management. Check out below how the package can enrich these functional areas of your business without elaborate coding.

HR Processes Digitalization

Strategic task

Automate repetitive tasks and streamline core processes.

Sample apps

• Personal profile

• Time off requests & Calendar

• Business trip requests

• Onboarding apps

• Recruiting apps and more

Power Platform elements used

• Power Apps

• Power Automate

Sales Management Digitalization

Strategic task

Optimize and speed up sales activities and use visualization for better decision-making.

Sample apps

• Approval flow apps

• Team collaboration app and more

Power Platform elements used

• Power Apps

• Power Automate

• Power BI

Financial Management Digitalization

Strategic task

Facilitate financial operations like expense tracking, financial reporting, invoicing, purchasing, etc.

Sample apps

• Financial flow & Accounting support

• Expense tracking apps

• Invoice approval apps

• Purchasing / Payment requests and more

Power Platform elements used

• Power Apps

• Power Automate

• Power BI

Advantages of the package

Specific problems addressed with specific solutions: flexible “filling” depending on specific customer purposes.

User-friendly and customized solution without an endless development process.

Custom software smoothly integrates with the ecosystem/tools used in the organization.

Working solution to free up time for meaningful tasks by digitizing the daily company routines.

Let's start transforming your business now.

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