Data Modeling

Manage your data for more tangible results and business growth

What data modeling brings

Wise investment

The costs you allocate upfront pay off. You build better strategies to push your business forward more efficiently, with quicker, easier, and more cost-friendly maintenance and upgrades of the entire IT infrastructure.

Accurate predictions

You plan business activities better based on more accurate business forecasts as you analyze historical data via data models.

Intelligent decisions

With data visualization tools like Power BI, data modeling helps businesses uncover hidden patterns in data and build better relationships between its units for further insightful decision-making.

Improved efficiency

Carefully designed data models streamline business processes, leading to improved operational efficiency and better use of your resources.

Business data WITHOUT data modeling

◻️ No clear view of business data.

◻️ Complex, disorganized volumes of information.

◻️ Unstructured data, useless for strategic decision-making.

◻️ Disconnected, ineffective data sources.

◻️ Poor data quality overall

Business data WITH data modeling

◻️ Visual representation and a clear roadmap for business data.

◻️ Relational rules are assigned to valuable pieces of information.

◻️ Clear data structure to better understand, manage, and use data.

◻️ Single source of truth for strategic decisions.

◻️ Facilitated data integration for better data analysis.

What we do

Using multiple data sources without optimization and structuring is usually frustrating and problematic. Constructing data models (roadmaps) and implementing them in customers’ databases can resolve these problems.

To see data in the most effective and organized way, we construct data models at 3 levels. Over time, these levels rely on each other and become effective solutions for databases, software systems, or any applications that lean on your data.

After the data model is ready and validated, our specialists turn to implementing it in the customer’s database.

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How data modeling works

5 simple repetitive steps to better data management, fine-tuned and adjusted to specific business requirements and the ever-evolving tech sack.


Gathering the requirements to deeply understand the specific needs and goals of your business: the types of data to be modeled, the purpose of the model, and any constraints or special considerations.


Examining your data (quality and characteristics) to identify and address any anomalies and inconsistencies upfront.


Designing the data model to display the relationships between data elements.


Implementing the designed data model in the customer’s database management system. It involves creating database tables, defining data types and keys, and establishing relationships between tables as outlined in the model.


Validating and testing the data model to meet the objectives so that the customer can accurately store, extract, and interact with data as planned. We address any issues discovered during testing and redefine the model if necessary.

What you get

Tailor-made and secure data solutions you can scale and integrate with other applications or systems.

Understanding of specific business processes and customer needs: customers’ feedback is incorporated, whether we are designing a new system or refining an existing solution.

Vast experience in reorganizing and optimizing data storage for better data use and decision-making.

Sharp focus on each specific data modeling case. The approach studies data and data sources, systems, and applications; both existing and possible integrations around a DBMS.

Technologies behind the service

A snapshot of what we leverage to deliver best-of-breed solutions

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