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Why DevOps?

Global Mediator has fully embraced a distributed cloud-based architecture. In fact, all of our own infrastructure and development environments are cloud-based. As a result, we know how the tandem of software development (Dev) and software operations (Ops) pushes businesses forward with a shortened development cycle, increased delivery frequency, more dependable releases – and with a sharp focus on business goals.

In the hands of experts, DevOps makes the following objectives realistic and achievable:

Faster go-to-market time due to rapid startup and automation

Enhanced predictability of SDLC

Additional attention to the quality of the code due the QA process automation

Enhanced visibility and control over processes

Lower capital expenses: a few upfront investments are needed

DevOps steps and practices by Global Mediator

DevOps services from Global Mediator help organizations manage and optimize the entire software lifecycle in their environment, from development environments to testing, quality assurance, continuous integration, and delivery.

In addition, strong DevOps is required to support the efficient use of the microservices that modern cloud solutions are now offering.

Organizations get the necessary assistance to drive their transformation and enhance their efficiency by:


Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)


Release management


Infrastructure management and automation


Automated testing and regression testing


Full-stack deployment


End-to-end integration


Monitoring, support, and consulting


Infrastructure as code (configuration management)

DevOps and ERP

DevOps is a dramatic improvement for ERP systems, enabling them to stay current over time as it promotes automation and monitoring at all software development and delivery steps. While DevOps is still comparatively new to ERP, Microsoft has started to actively promote AL-Go for Business Central.

The combination of DevOps and agile makes ERP systems more responsive to innovations, updates, and changes within short time intervals. Cloud architecture is the de facto new standard in ERP and the new paradigm and innovative approaches should be embraced for improved performance. After all DevOps, the symbiosis of delivery and management has already been a real game-changer in other IT areas with continuous value-adding delivery and process improvement.

How we help customers

Help businesses push updates and features more frequently

Optimize the SDLC by integrating developers with the operations and customer support teams

Improve source control, testing processes, and release management

Eliminate organization’s silos – improving collaboration and productivity across the entire business due to the DevOps culture

Cut costs by reducing fixes due to optimizing the entire development cycle

See how we have solved customer cases

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UI as an efficient performance booster for a transport company
ERP Dynamics
Business Central customization and integration for a digital freight forwarder

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