Senior Business Applications Developer

· The years within the team make it feel like a family

· Invented remote work at Global Mediator before it was a mainstream

· Passionate about creating solutions that the users need

1. Who are you and why did you choose a career in tech?

Before Global Mediator, I shared one project with many of my current colleagues. One moment I followed Evgeny to try new things. I trusted Christian and Nicolai. Like many others, I took a chance and joined the team. I have known many of these people since 2006. So quite long before joining Global Mediator, I had several years of experience in the technology. I joined a NAV academy as a 5th-year student. Now, it all feels like a huge fish tank – with people sailing away and coming back. And in a blink of an eye, you turn out to have been in the same boat with these same guys for several years.

2. What do you miss the most about offline life?

At the corporate summer party in 2021, I won the “Inventing remote work at Global Mediator before it was a mainstream” award. I’ve been trying to avoid visiting the office for a while. I’ve been practicing for years and finally got it. In fact, I don’t even have my own workplace in the office. Zhenia’s been trying to lure me into the office, but I don’t give in. It has taken too much effort to dodge it.

3. What is your biggest passion for your work?

If you mean NAV, it was probably historically predefined. But in general, I love it when a solution works the way you need it to. It’s a sense of euphoria when you think of a solution: this is a complex, a cool one – people are going to like it. And it was me who did that. This is the result that motivates me to deal with challenging tasks. Creating solutions that the users need. I guess, everyone wants their work to be appreciated.

4. What inspires you to stay a part of the Global Mediator’s team?

First of all, this is the feeling of comfort. When I think of getting a new job and going to the office there – it feels like a kill shot, please don’t tell Olesya (Note: Director of Talent at Global Mediator). Like – come on, starting from scratch, really? I don’t need to change a job to start doing new things since I join different projects here. Why would I break it all? For more money? Not sure. Maybe, only if I urgently need it. I believe long-term planning is a lot easier. So, all together it is about stability, comfort, and the company that encourages engagement. And people, of course. These years make it feel like a family. Watching your colleagues have children. Yes, it’s like a family.

5. How do you manage to keep a work-life balance?

Balance requires certain sacrifices. The kids staying home during the pandemic influences work, but there are no other options. But the work is dynamic and sometimes it takes more time and makes you dig in because you know you must finish a task. Sometimes you just get excited and continue to dig in at night because you’re involved and interested. Sometimes, when a task itttt interesting, you postpone it. That’s what balance probably is – the cross-section of all these elements. None of them prevails – they alternate. Such an interchange brings balance. I need dynamic changes – and that’s what works for me. And because I’m a Gemini, probably.

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