Senior Business Applications Developer

· 10 years ago became the first member of Global Mediator

· Inspired by the freedom to make decisions

· Passionate about NAV

1. Do you remember the first days in the team?

The story started in quite an extraordinary way. 10 years ago, I came to Kyiv and happened to meet Evgeny, Christian, and Nicolai, who were about to launch a new organisation called Global Mediator. We had a good talk, and I loved the “no middlemen” approach that implied direct communication with customers. I received the job offer from Global Mediator and spent about three days considering the situation, consulting with family and friends – and ended up signing a job offer from Global Mediator. And I spent the first month with Global Mediator, working remotely from a rented flat in Kyiv, on a computer Nicolai bought at a supermarket – before we rented our first office. And I have never regretted the decision I’d made 10 years ago.

2. What are the biggest challenges about your work?

One of my previous projects comes to mind. A customer planned an important change in the NAV system to accelerate the closing process period. Back then, the process took about 20 hours and had to be run over the weekend. I realised that the changes, implied by the new solution, interfered with standard NAV functionality. I joined the customer’s team at their site in France. And only in a month, I finally saw the way out. Eventually, the closing process reduced to only 3 hours and could be conducted on Friday nights.

3. What is the biggest motivation at work?

It’s NAV itself. I love the product I work with. I have experience with different ERP systems and compared to others, NAV was indeed love at first sight!

4. What inspires you to stay a part of the Global Mediator team?

First of all, it is freedom. Freedom to make a difference, with no pressure. Initially, Global Mediator declared a “no micromanagement” approach – and the company is still following this approach and keeping its promise.

5. Can you describe your perfect team?

I believe, a perfect team is one when you can easily discuss the project-related details and exchange experience with your teammates. For instance, we once had a perfect team when there were 10 people from Global Mediator working on one project. At the moment, on my project I am the only software engineer from Global Mediator. We are successfully reaching out to the customer team, but it would be great to share the project with other members of the Global Mediator team.

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