UI Builder for Business Central

Maximize the BC potential with enhanced data visualization

A tool to instantly make Business Central data more appealing and actionable by easily extending its native pages' capabilities.

Widen the possibilities of Business Central UI

Widen the possibilities of Business Central UI with visualizing and grouping tools. With intuitively configured new UI capabilities, UI Builder for Business Central helps present the right information in a user-friendly format within the customer’s existing ERP system.

Features and benefits

Functional Admin portal

Manage the UI experience and subscriptions with our intuitive Admin portal and configure personalized settings for any Business Central page to better meet concrete business needs.

Visualizing business data

Sample Business Central page: complex business data is transformed into actionable insights with a range of rules combinations.

  • Rows & columns conditional styling
  • Custom icon & text column
  • HTML embedded in tooltip
  • Row expansion functionality

Dashboard-like columns

Gain an instant, at-a-glance view of key points with custom dashboard-like columns.

Try a full functionality for 60 days before purchasing.

Why choose UI Builder for Business Central?

◼️ Reasonable pricing: a simple and transparent, all-in-one subscription model with a 60-day free trial, followed by just 6 €/month per user.

◼️ No development required: the simplest way to visualize data within MS Business Central with no development needed.

◼️ A cloud-based product: securely access business data anytime and anywhere.

◼️ Extended rules combination: enhancing visualization and user experience with a range of UI customization options.

◼️ Industry-specific components: pre-developed components to meet specific, industry-related business goals.

◼️ Full support: free setup service and detailed user manuals for a seamless experience from the onset.

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