Senior Business Applications Developer

· Headed into IT after getting his first PC at school

· Excited about new feature development, not fixing bugs

· People in the office make the open space much better

1. Who are you and why did you choose a career in tech?

My dad is a tech guy, my mum is an English teacher. I had 5 years of experience in Navision before I joined Global Mediator. Before that, I spent 3 years as an IT specialist at a public institution. I guess I decided to become an IT guy as soon as I got my first PC in high school – I loved assembling and disassembling it.

2. Do you remember the first days in the team?

My first day at Global Mediator coincided with my wedding preparation day – so, I was late for work and spent some time finding a parking lot at the Leonardo Business Centre in the morning rush hour. As a result, I got the worst place in the office (initially, I wanted to sit closer to somebody more experienced just in case I needed any work-related hints). But eventually, it turned out much better than I first expected. The people around made it much better.

3. What is the biggest passion in your work?

New feature development, not fixing bugs. It’s cool to concentrate on tasks like that, and not get distracted by support tasks.

4. What inspires you to stay a part of the Global Mediator team?

I am not considering new offers because I like it here. There is no micromanagement and one can even work at night, if preferred, in case the deadlines are to be met. Also, I love the team – the people are very supportive and helpful (unless they are too busy with their own tasks at that moment). And market-based compensation, of course.

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