Senior Business Applications Developer

· Perfect team are people with a sense of humour

· Vacations are for good rest and a complete mind reload

· Motivated by the financial side and communicating with people

1. Do you remember the first days in the team?

The story started when Evgeny (like many of the core team, I knew him long before Global Mediator) asked if I wanted a “normal job” instead of a freelance. Leonardo, a pretentious business centre, was the place where we scheduled the interview with the Danish guys I was supposed to work with. It was early spring – with snow melting and mud everywhere. And I rode a bicycle – you can imagine how dirty it was. I wasn’t sure the security of the business centre would even let me in. But, they did. What’s more, they took me to the floor I needed – together with my dirty bike, actually! I was really surprised – you know, with those seriously big guys in black suits. On the same day, I got the job offer from Global Mediator.

2. What are the biggest challenges about your work?

My work requires close communication with English-speaking people. This isn’t the biggest challenge now, but when I came here, I barely spoke any English (as I learned German at school) and only heard it from my English teacher. My first task was to call the Microsoft support centre and ask for the registration. It was a good experience.

3. What do you miss the most about offline life?

Live communication with people, of course. We have many chats and meetings in all messengers with my co-workers and customers, but still, live contact differs. Anyway, working from home for more than 2 years makes me lose my soft skills. And when I visit the office now, half a day in the office offline is enough to make me want to go back home (just joking… no).

4. Do vacations inspire you for professional ideas?

A good vacation is one that helps you forget passwords at work. I don’t think about work when I’m on vacation. I am completely reloaded after breaks, you know that “tabula rasa” feeling before the new tasks.

5. Can you describe your perfect team?

A perfect team is about treating each other equally and adequately. And being able to say – and understand – that an initiative is bad in case it’s really bad and receive no offence (thinking about it, that’s how one of my projects started – we had good fun then). These are people who can look at things with a sense of humour. You know, not “drama queens”.

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