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Automating a modular management system for accelerated performance


At Global Mediator, a software engineering house with over 11 years of expertise in Business Central software engineering, we used to leverage a handful of management tools like Business Central (earlier NAV), Jira Software, Tempo Timesheets, Dynamics 365 CRM, and Power Platform (Apps and Automate) for successful internal operations.

Although individually helpful, these tools were siloed and required a fair amount of manual interaction with data. This barely accelerated internal processes. Eventually, our team decided to rethink the management system structure: linking and automating internal tools through complex integration.

In a nutshell, our pros had to cope with the following challenges along the way:

  • Eliminate the risks on the enterprise level that disconnected tools may entail (double entries, typos) to enhance data analysis and strategic decision-making.
  • Smoothen the internal operations by connecting the management system elements in a flexible manner.
  • Boost the cooperation between our departments with automated workflows.
  • Minimize manual data input across internal departments.
  • Simplify the maintenance of the modular management solution and make it more scalable.
  • Enhance the organizational structure of our master data.

Evgeny Buriak

Director of Delivery at Global Mediator

“With so many powerful tools that Global Mediator leverages daily, we started seeking a comprehensive solution to automate our processes. A flexible and scalable one to apply to our Lego-style software to reduce manual interaction.
The challenge was to make the elements of the ecosystem - BC, Jira, Tempo, and more – run in tandem to speed up our operations.”


We chose home-built bots based on Power Apps development to bind all the elements we use under a single consolidated management system and automate multiple workflows.

Full integration helps us:


50 hours /month

– saving manager’s time

8 modules

consolidated into 1 system

8 specialists


Technologies behind the project

A snapshot of what we leverage to deliver best-of-breed solutions

Evgeny Buriak

Director of Delivery at Global Mediator

“Each module in this complex solution is like a cogwheel of a coherent mechanism. These cogwheels need to be properly connected to function in perfect operational synergy.
And that’s what we’ve done. We connected them so that when a wheel moves, another one moves automatically to make the whole process run smoothly and much faster.”

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About our customer

An award-winning Danish company, Global Mediator is one of the largest BC development centers in Eastern Europe. The company focused sharply on the Microsoft tech suite for nearly 12 years and strives to empower businesses' digitalization with it. Global Mediator leverages Business Central, Power Platform, .NET, and more along with the highest ISO security standards to provide robust engineering solutions to customers and ISV partners from more than 15 countries in the EU.

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